DV Lottery 2013


Green Card Lottery.

Green card lottery program of the year 2013 has accepted entries from eligible peoplethrough the internet.

50,000 lucky people, from those countries which are sending less people to the America, can benefit from this draw every year under this program which is sponsored and administered by the US Government.

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Those who want to apply for the next US visa lottery program must be from an eligible country.

Must have passed the High school education certificate with compulsory subjects after attending junior and high school for 12 years or must have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years in a work which the applicant should have under gone for 2 years of training/education to perform it.
Also the job must be ii the DOL Onet* web page as to meet the Instructions. Also the applicant must meet the age eligibility. Very few people use to qualify for the program with their job experience. Don't believe those agents words to apply for the lottery program with your work experience.

This visa lottery program is endorsed by the US Senate to maintain the diversity of people living in the U.S.A, although some Senators don't like this program as they think that this visa by lottery program is bringing unwanted people in to the USA.

If you are using a lawyer, law firm or an agent to apply for the program don't forget to tell them to give your confirmation number, so you can check the results online to see whether you are selected for the 2014 green card lottery. If you are selected for the program KCC will not send you any winning notifications. The confirmation number of your application is the only means for you to check your status online in the coming month of May. If you had lost your confirmation number you can't check your lottery results online.

To play the visa lotto you don't need to be a married person. Single people too can play, if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Why the US visa lottery program is being called as green card lottery?
The program's official name is Diversity Visa Lottery. Although it is popularly called as green card lottery all over the world because at the end of all the process the winner will get the LPR card in the USA which is too popularly known as green card. The LPR card was in green color when it was introduced in the USA, years back.