DV Lottery 2013


Apply Online.

Apply online for to participate in the DV-2015 US Green card lottery program which is designed and conducted by the U.S Government to issue 50,000 LPR visas for the eligible winners. Online application forms are now available in the U.S State department's web site and it will be closed on 2nd November this year.

The E-DV form will be available in the internet for thirty days period only and the U.S State department had already announced the opening and closing dates of the DV-2015 Green card lottery program in the media. They should be filled and submitted back within the given 60 minutes of time from downloading it.

You or someone on behalf of you can submit the entry but you are the one responsible for the submitted information. Apply early as possible as there will be rush near the closing date. A person can submit only one application with his name as primary applicant. If more than one application with a person's name as primary applicant is submitted during any fiscal year program, all the entries will be rejected from the draw. No notification will be sent to the rejected person.

If you are ready to apply online for the DV-2015 green card lottery program read these instructions.

Are you eligible for the Green card lottery program by birth?
Or are you claiming eligibility by your spouse birth country?
Or one of your parents birth country for eligibility?
If no, then don't proceed with the online visa lottery application.

Do you have the required High school Education certificate?
Or the required work experience? If no, then don't submit your online application for the 2015 greencard lottery program. Are you going to include your spouse and all your children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 in the online visa lottery application form?
If no, don't proceed with the online application form.

The state Department also recommends you to use the Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or higher as the DV Lottery program is supported Browser.

Take note that according to the latest announcement, the natives of Nigeria are not allowed to participate in this year program DV-2015.

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