DV Lottery 2013


Green Card Lottery 2013 Confirmation.

DV 2014, American visa lottery confirmation number will be shown in the computer screen, once your dv 2014 visa lottery application has been successfully received by the U.S State Department. Confirmation Number will be in 16 characters long (alphanumeric), starting with numeric digits 2014 for the DV-2014 and the 2013 for the 2013 Green card lottery. DV lottery confirmation number is necessary to check your status online once all the visa lottery results are announced in the month of May 2013. You can't check the green card lottery results with out this confirmation number in the official web site.

When the confirmation code page is shown to you, just click the print button in your web browser and get a print out of it and keep it in a safe place.

You can copy the confirmation number and paste it in a notepad and can save it in your computer for future usage.

The best way is to save your confirmation number is to send it to your email and save it in a folder in your email account.

In the last few days many people lost their confirmation as they had some kind of trouble before getting it.

This means they are out of the DV 2014 US visa lottery.

  1. Some people closed the browser accidently before getting the confirmation number.
  2. Others had power failure before copying it.
  3. Some had printer failure and they thought they had made the printout.
    Like this many thing happened to thousands of people before getting their confirmation number.

So be quick to copy and paste the DV 2013 visa lottery confirmation once you get it and pate it in a word pad and save it in your PC.

Take notice.
The confirmation number will be issued only once.
It won't be reissued again.
Sample confirmation for the fiscal year program of 2014: 20141O0BGUT3DOA9

Never throw away your confirmation code. Keep it until 30th September.

How to Check your DV - green card lottery - Results online?
In the DV lottery result web site enter your confirmation code and your personal information.
Then type the shown captcha image letters, numbers and press the enter button.
After this, your 2014 results will be shown in the computer screen.

Where to check?
dvlottery.state.gov results web site.

When to Check?
For the DV 2013, the DV Lottery results will be available from the month of May 2012 till June 2013.
For the DV 2014, the DV Lottery results will be available from the month of May 2013 till June 2014

How many times do I have to check the online results?
Till you get the results. If you have seen it, there is no need to check it, and then check again in October.

If I saw that I have been selected for the Green Card Lottery, what I should do?
Follow the displayed instruction in the web page.

If I am not selected for the greencard lottery what should I do?
Wait for the next coming green card lottery program.