DV Lottery 2013


Green Card Lottery Interviews.

Green card lottery 2013 winners were called for their interviews from 1st of October 2012. Currently all the regional case numbers are being named as "Current" which means all the visas are issued under this program. Normally the interviews will continue till the available visas exhaust or till the program closes officially as usual on 30th September in any given year. After this date those who are selected for the under this draw will not be called for interviews or will not be allowed to change their current status to American LPR status through their winning.

Interviews will be held at the US Consular offices that are located near to the winner's homes in their countries. Those selectees in the USA can contact the USCIS office to change their current status to American LPR status, when their case numbers are current for any given month. Current case numbers can be found in the monthly visa bulletins in the internet with early notice.

The lower case numbers will be called first for the interview followed by the higher case numbers in order every month. All the selectees will be given advance notice for the interview with the date and time by normal postal mail or email 4/6 weeks prior to their interview date if they are going to face the interview. Some consular offices send out email notices while some offices publish them in the internet through their web sites.

On the interview date the winners must bring their,

Work experience and other original certificates along with their English translations, for those documents which are not in English.

Primary applicant and all the dependants must pay the non refundable diversity visa fees of US$ 330 for each of them. It can be paid in local currency too according to the consular office. The visa fee is non refundable one and for any given reason, if the visa is refused the visa fee will not be returned back to the applicant.

The consular officer will decide on each case and can issue the visa or refuse it.
If issued with a visa under the Green card lottery program it will be valid for 6 months only and the winner must enter in to the USA before it expire and can get the PR certificate to stay in the USA afterwards. Also the receiver must pay US$165 as the processing fee for the USCIS office.

Your case numbers are current and if you didn't receive the second letter in time contact the KCC.

If you want to reschedule your interview, contact the consular office. In Bangladesh it is prohibited to reschedule the interview date. In Nigeria if you don't honor the rescheduled date, the interview will be cancelled forever.

Rescheduling your visa interview for this DV interview may end up in disaster as the visas are limited in number and they are issued on the basis of first come first served. So take care to honor the first given interview date and not to reschedule the original interview date.