DV Lottery 2013


DV Lottery Selection.

DV lottery selection will take place at the KCC where the computers will used to select the winners form the submitted eligible entries. The dv lottery which accepts entries for the fiscal year 2014 under the official name DV 2014 will select winners to face the interview to issue with the visas. Under the DV 2014 visa lottery program there are 50,000 visas available and those visas should be issued before 30th September 2014.

As all the selected applicants under the American visa lottery program may not have the required education/work experience and the country eligibility nearly 100,000 DV lottery applicants will be selected as winners and will be notified to issue the available 50,000.

Computers at the KCC will randomly select names from the submitted visa lottery entries and will give case numbers from number 1 along with their regions code letters and the year of the fiscal year program.

There are six geographical regions for the DV 2013 green card visa lottery program.

According to the green card visa lottery KCC will be responsible for the Green card lottery winners till they get their second letter which is also called as DV Lottery visa interview letter.

Those who get the lower case numbers will be called for the interview first and the other case numbers will follow in order till the visas exhaust or till the Green card visa Lottery program closes on 30th September 2014.

Those who are selected under the DV 2014 program and staying in the U.S.A can contact the USCIS office to change their status when their case numbers are current.